size genetics device fasteningThose last years, the penis enlargement devices really evolved to become more comfortable. it is a response to many men complaints of penis extenders’ lack of comfort. As compared to 4 years ago, branded penis extenders provide more fastening systems. Consequently, if you buy an Andropenis, X4labs or Sizegenetics penis extender, it guarantees enough fastening options in case you feel uncomfortable with one fastening option. By the way, fastening options are one of the biggest difference between branded penis extenders and unbranded penis extenders.

Branded penis extenders provide today a similar kit with several rods with different lengths and good springs to make a good traction. Without traction, no penis length or girth increase will occur.

Branded penis extenders cost from $200 to $300 or around 250 euros.  It may look expensive but actually it is worth it for the results. I decided to buy branded penis extenders for myself because i could afford it and i did not want to take any risks with a chinese copy. Penis extenders seem to be a very simple device but then when you wear it you discover you need quality springs, quality rods and also a very good fastening system otherwise this device is totally useless.

Personally, after wearing the X4labs penis extender i permanently gained penis girth and penis erection strength. I expected penis length increase but i am today happy of what i have. I am not the perfect example because i have a blood circulation problem and that’s why i think there were no penis length increase too. Anyways, it did work for erection strength and penis girth.