The MAJOR “Lifestyles condom” study problem

Many people refer to the lifestyles condom penis size study as the most reliable source for determining average penis size. During summer 2001, 300 males have been their penis measured by a medical staff. However we don’t know how the medical staff measured the volunteers. The datasource is also not available. In fact, the lifestyles condom company never published its measurement methodology and its datasource for both length and girth. Thus, Any measurement procedure presented over the internet are just SPECULATIONS. However, the wikipedia page dedicated to the “human penis size” uses 4 charts from the lifestyles condom study and referenced its alleged average penis length. For information, the lifestyles condom average erect penis length is 14.9 cm or 5.8 inches. However, how can we compare penis length and girth if we don’t know what the measurement procedure was? Let me repeat it. The lifestyles condom company never published the measurement procedure. It questions the accuracy of such a study.

The lifestyles condom average penis size is largely over 2 other very important penis size studies. The two other studies are the journal of urology study and the israeli study. Let’s consider the average erect penis size for the journal of urology and the israeli study are around 13 cm. It means the lifestyles condom results are almost 2 cm above the 2 other studies. However, the Journal of urology and the israeli study use the measurement procedure that use the maximum possible length for penises average as they used the bone pressed methodology (penis shaft length + Fat pad length). We also tried to superpose the lifestyles condom penis size distribution to 1996 journal of Urology penis size distribution. We have been unable to match the two studies results.
Furthermore, if we look at the lifestyles condom penis girth chart and the penis length chart, we see two things.
The penis length distribution is not following a real bell shape and the penis girth size distribution is totally chaotic.
Consequently, a man may compare his penis length to the lifestyles condom penis sizes distribution chart, and he may believe he has a small penis.
We included this study in our Ebook. Nevertheless, we asked our readers not to compare their erect penis length with it. Conversely, we used it for the penis girth because we don’t know any other penis size study related to girth. We double checked with gallery of small, average and large amateur penises, and it appeared that the lifestyles condom penis girth average is plausible. To do so, we asked some large penis men to provide us their penis girth. We asked some small penis men to provide us their penis girth as well. Penis girths from large penis men measured around 6 inches. Penis girths from small penis men measured around 4 inches. According to our interviews, the penis girth average was 5 inches. In the lifestyles condom girth distribution chart, the penis girth average is equal to 4.97 inches. Notice it is more complicated to measure penis length than penis girth.