Quality is more important than a cheap price:

When i first bought my first penis extender (from Andropenis) i thought it was a simple piece of plastic & metal to attach to my penis. I discovered that it was very important that each part was reliable because you indeed attach it to a part of your body. You cannot “play” with your penis. In fact, i first bought an old version of Andropenis (which does not exist anymore today) and it hurt me really bad. I saw cheap chinese penis extender copies online. By the way, the saler withdrew the chinese penis extender i wanted to buy from amazon. When i think i was about to buy a chinese copy, i think it was not the safest behavior. After wearing several penis extenders (Andropenis, X4labs & sizegenetics) , i understood it is really a medical device. It is not a toy. You cannot gamble with your penis. I must admit andropenis & X4labs are good but sizegenetics is the best in terms of quality. Also, sizegenetics is one of the best penis extender seller in the world, if there were a problem with this device we would know it. I tell you so to be cautious with cheaper devices that imitate the sizegenetics penis extender.

To buy the sizegenetics penis extender for worldwide shipping

Here is a little video that present the Sizegenetics penis extender device:

Stainless steel ensures quality:

The size genetics bars are made of stainless steel. On the other hand, the X4labs is made of another metal and after some months due to sweat, i could see spots of rust on the bars. I was upset about it and i decided to throw the X4labs penis extender because i didn’t want to put rust in my underpants.

The springs:

The springs of the Sizegenetics are quite strong. Thus, they will resist a daily use for several months. Strecthing is very important. If there is no traction, it can’t work. This is the issue i had with the andropenis. I could not get any tractions when i wore the andropenis.

Fastening system:

Since my penis head isn’t large, it used to slip away from the andropenis. I must admit it slipped away a bit from the size genetics but it slipped away less than with the Andropenis and X4labs penis extender.  In fact, the sizegenetics penis extender has several fastening systems. (they call it position) Depending on the form of your penis one fastening system will be better than another. Some are thicker, some are longer & some are neither thick or long. As i explained before, fastening is critical otherwise your penis extender is worthless.

I had no injuries:

I went to my workplace wearing my sizegenetics penis extender and i have to say, my penis took many different positions. However, it never hurt; especially during meetings. The underpants were useful because it squeezed the penis extender against my body and it didn’t move in every direction.

Why i think the SizeGenetics penis extender is the best